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Email Migration Form

We are moving our email services, please fill out the form below so that we can make sure your email service is not interrupted, and that we can seamlessly transfer your existing emails to our new system.

The transfer will happen on Feb 11th, 2018 between 12 and 4 AM. During this time your emails will be temporarily unavailable. If you are unable to login with your current password to your email, please use the new temporary password that you sent in this form to login.

Make sure the information you submit is correct, if any piece of information is wrong it can significantly delay your account being moved over, and will result in email being unavailable for up to several days. Our staff will choose the lowest price email plan for you and get your billing all set up. If you have questions about email billing please try to give us some time to get the migration done, then contact us about billing questions.

Many of our email customers are free or complimentary customers that receive email because they are internet customers of ours including either wireless or fiber. If this is your case, at this time we are continuing to honor up to 1 free email account per active service. This may change in the future as our email platform is much more expensive than our previous systems. If you have more than one account you can choose to keep only one, or we will choose the lowest priced email plan that fits your situation.

If you are a domain or hosting customer of ours with a plan that includes email, changes are coming but for right now we just need you to fill out this form.

Email Migration
Name of the primary billing account holder.
Name of the primary billing account holder, or business name.
Email address of the primary billing account holder.
Please separate emails with a comma. For example ",".
Please give us a temporary password for your email on our new servers.
If you have more than one email address this password will be used for all email addresses, you can change your passwords once our new system is active.
Password Requirements, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!
At least 8 characters long
At least 3 of the following
    > At least one lowercase character
    > At least one uppercase character
    > At least one number
    > At least one non-alphanumeric (!,$,#,%,space, etc.)
If you have a special or unique situation or have something you need to tell us, please use this area to do that.