Email & Basic Configuration

Basic E-mail Account Settings:
Username: (use your full email address)
Password: ******* (enter your password)
Security & Authentication:
Connection Security: You Should Use SSL
Authentication Method: Normal Password
Incoming (POP3/IMAP) Mail
POP3 Port: 995
IMAP Port: 993
IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail
SMTP Port: 465
Password Authentication: Required   (same as Incoming)

Basic Dial-Up and Email Configuration

To setup a new dialup, open Internet Explorer, (if it is trying to open a page, just let it time out. When it is ready to talk to you, click on “Tools”, “Internet Options”.  Click the “Connections” tab then the setup button. The wizard will start, just answer each question and click next.  When you are asked to choose how to set it up, choose MANUALLY.  Select the dial in number from the list below.

Location Phone Number Location Phone Number
Bonners Ferry 267-1465 Orofino 476-1052
Coeur d’Alene 665-7111 Plummer 686-3052
Coeur d’Alene 215-2200 Priest River 448-2400
Coeur d’Alene 215-2205 Sandpoint 265-5995
Kellogg 682-1052 Sandpoint 946-2200
Moscow 301-6052 Sandpoint 946-2205
Newport 447-3107 St Maries 568-2052
Oldtown 437-0353

These are only computer dial up numbers. If you need to talk to us in person please call us 447-3067 or 1-888-800-7686.

To setup your email in Outlook Express or Windows Mail:

1. Click on Tools, then on Accounts. Click on the mail tab, then the Add button.

2. Choose “mail” or “email”, whichever your version has, then click “next”.

3. Fill in Display name any way you wish. In that one box, you may use capital letters and spaces. Click “next”.

4. For your mail server type, choose POP3 (it is usually the default choice). In both the incoming and outgoing server boxes (the long, narrow ones) fill in then click “next”.

5. Your account name is your entire email address. You may need to add the @ sign and domain name (,, etc). Fill in your password, check remember password (Do NOT check “Logon Using Secure Password Authentication”) and click “next”.

6. Click “finish”. This will take you back to the accounts window.

7. Click on the “Properties” button the right. Click on the “Servers” tab at the top. At the very bottom of the page, put a checkmark in “My server requires authentication”.

7. Click on the “Advanced” tab the right. Change the outgoing server port (probably 25) to 587. Click “OK”. Close the accounts window. You are good to go.

Here are some other settings you may need:

DNS is automatically assigned but if you have an older Win 3.1 or Mac the numbers are:Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :