Fiber Lite Upgrade – Up to 3 Months FREE

Get up to 3 Months of Upgraded 30mbps Fiber Service for your existing $59.95 10mbps Fiber Lite for trying our newer, faster service.

Since the inception of Fiber POVN has strived to provide optional levels of Fiber to allow it clients choice of prices.  Unfortunately, due to excessive costs of providing small quantities of bandwidth to individual clients, POVN will no longer be offering its $59.95 Fiber Lite 10mbps Plan to new customers.  In addition, the FCC has changed their definition of Broadband Internet to a minimum standard of 25mbps which disqualifies our 10mbps Fiber Lite plan. For our existing Fiber Lite Plan clients, we will continue to provide this service for the next several months ending on your anniversary billing date in June of 2018.   At that time, it will be necessary to move your Plan to the 30mbps Plan at the rate of $67.95 per month.


There are many additional benefits of the new 30mbps Fiber Lite Plan, including faster download speeds, unlimited data, supports multiple High Definition streams at the same time; so, you can watch a movie in one room and your kids can stream in another.  It also supports Ultra High Definition streaming content.

POVN would like to say thank you for your support by offering you the opportunity to upgrade to our new Fiber 30mbps plan now for your current rate of $59.95 for 3 months. You would then be switched to the new 30mbps plan for $67.95.


For the ultimate internet experience, check out our 100mbps Fiber Plan for $74.95 FREE FOR 3 MONTHS!  Our 100mbps is a must for home businesses, large families, and anyone who wants the fastest internet available.


POVN includes taxes in its pricing, so there are no hidden fees or additional costs.


To take advantage of this special offer give our office a call now at: (509) 447-3067

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Fiber Lite Special